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Hoarder Cleanup Services

Denver Crime Scene Clean specializes in hoarder cleanup and hoarding cases. Hoarding cases are some of our most common; most often we are contacted by friends or families that are getting help for the person afflicted and need to restore their home or condo back to livable conditions. Hoarders calls can be just as dangerous as homicide, suicide or drug lab clean ups. Mold, mildew, old food, garbage and animal droppings can make working conditions pretty hazardous. Sometimes the property is in very poor condition structurally and demolition may be necessary.

Usually we begin the project by cleaning out the exterior and then the interior of the home. Exterior clean outs can be just as daunting because once the home fills with garbage the owner usually begins to place it outside due to a lack of space. Normally we contract a dumpster and begin to pick up and haul away the garbage found inside and out. This step can be repeated many times over depending on the amount of debris and refuse we collect and remove from the residence. Broken furniture, kitchen appliances, washers, dryers, water heaters and other heavy items can be removed from the property as well.

Total Cleanout & Haul Away

After all the debris has been cleared from the residence we can begin the deep cleaning process. It is very important to remove the entire mold and mildew from premises which is why hiring a professional cleaning service is so critical. If mold and mildews are not cleaned up properly they can cause serious illnesses to the next inhabitants. We will clean the sinks, refrigerators, bathtubs, floors, baseboards, ceilings, windows, counters, cabinets, closets, attics, pantries, basements, garages and all the rooms.

If you have a friend or family member that has been inflicted with this mental disorder and need to have their current residence cleaned and restored for future habitation please call us today we offer onsite price estimates and free consultations. Contact Us Today.