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Drug & Meth Lab Cleanup

Denver Crime Scene Cleanup provides drug and meth lab clean up and remediation services in Denver County and the surrounding locations. Drug and meth labs can show up anywhere. Homes, apartments, condominiums, motels, mobile homes, motor homes sheds and abandon buildings have all been used as clandestine drug labs in the past. Studies have shown that drug labs can produce quite an array of public health hazards. The chemicals used in their manufacture, and the residue the leave behind, are highly toxic and often flammable. A through professional cleaning must be administered before a tenant can inhabit the residence.

The Dangers

Once a drug lab has been discovered and shut down Federal and State authorities will seize the drug producing equipment as evidence against the accused. Afterward, it is essential that the property owner or manager must contract a professional cleaning service with drug lab removal and clean up experience. Even though the manufacturing items have been removed you must also consider all the other items in property that have been exposed. All surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly. Also sinks, drains, air ducts, duct work, air filters, furnace filters and ventilation systems (air condition or heat) must also be cleaned or removed.


Once the cleaning has been completed it is important to note any stains or odors left in the property. Sometimes it is necessary to clean the property over again to get rid of these last remaining contaminates. If you have been left to clean up the remnants of a drug or meth lab on your residential or commercial property, please call us we provide onsite estimates and consultation. Contact Us Today.